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Know who you are hiring before it’s too late. In today’s world, the employer is responsible to help ensure that no one will be harmed or injured by their employees due to criminal behavior. Background checks are essential to avoid negligence lawsuits and loss due to fraudulent disability claims.

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Employment Screening Packages:
NEW Instant Criminal Search State and Nationwide Instant Criminal Search PLUS sex offender information.
Basic Entry
Social Security Number Trace
Statewide Criminal Record Trace


Basic Social Security Number Trace
Statewide Criminal Record Trace
* Credit Trace
Basic Driving Social Security Number Trace
Statewide Criminal Record Trace
* Credit Trace
Driver Record
Custom Package Customized employment screening packages can be assembled from our extensive product line. Call for pricing details. Call

Additional Enhanced Services:
Workers’ Compensation Searches if applicant has filed a claim in the state searched. Must comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) $12.00
Employment Verification Direct verification of previous employment, includes dates of employment, position held, starting and ending rates of pay, reason for leaving and any other general comments. $24.00
Verification Searches the validity and current status of a professional license. $7.00
Education Verification Direct verification of College degrees only, includes dates of attendance, graduation date, and degree earned. Some educational institutes will report GPA. $24.00
Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Search Direct list from The Office of Inspectors General's Exclusion database, identifies individuals and entities that have been excluded from participation in Medicare/ Medicaid and other Federal healthcare programs. $5.00


Global Information Services, Inc. Employment Screening Packages include:
Social Security Number Trace Recommended on all applicants. This trace acts as an identifier. It reveals names associated with a Social Security number, past and present addresses (essential in researching criminal history).
Criminal Record Trace Recommended on all applicants. This trace will provide information on convictions of felony and aggravated misdemeanor arrests (DWI, assault, stealing, ect.). Same day turn around, however allow 1-2 business days.
* Credit Trace Recommended on all applicants. Credit summary complete file including public records (i.e., liens, judgments, ect.), collection accounts, current or previous delinquent accounts, types of credit, and total indebtedness, applicant signature required.
Driver Record Recommended on applicants driving company vehicles. Full display will include address information as shown in state files, license qualifications, restrictions and conviction history.

Global Information Services, Inc. offers a broad array of search services covering the United States. All searches are always conducted using legal, ethical and moral methods. All reports are processed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), ADA, EEOC and other federal and state laws.

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