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Custom Comprehensive Reports
List of all services and prices.

Instant Criminal Search
State and Nationwide Instant Criminal Search PLUS sex offender information. You will be directed to our Criminal Record site, Search and Criminal information is strictly confidential.

Find Missing Persons
Skiptrace Package $49.00 Savings of 66%
• Address Summary Report
• Phone Summary Report
• Current Listed Phones
• Current Neighbors Phones
• Possible Relatives Phone (2 degrees)
• Possible Associates Phones
• Bankruptcy Filings

Unlisted Phone #s / Cell #s
Cellular and Unlisted Telephone $39.00 NEW
• Reverse Nationwide Trace for current and historic Cell and Unlisted phone numbers

Check Employment History / Background Check
Employment Trace $39.00 NEW
• Possible Places of Employment
• Business Owners
• Officers & Directors
• Possible Employees
• Government Employees

Comprehensive Background
Comprehensive Background Package $89.00 NEW
Package includes
• Address summary
• Bankruptcy
• UCC Filings
• Corporate Affiliations
• Driver’s License
• Vehicle registration
• Property, Merchant Vessels
• FAA Pilots
• FAA Aircraft
• Professional Licenses
• Voter Registration
• Hunting/Fishing Permits
• Possible Employment
• Concealed Weapons Permits
• Associates
• Relatives (3degrees)
• Neighbors
• Criminal Records
• Sexual Offenders

Locate Assets
Basic Asset Package $49.00 Savings of 66%
• Address Summary Report
• Property Deeds & Assessments
• Vehicle & Boat Registrations
• FAA Pilots & Aircraft
• UCC Filings
• Corporate Affiliations

Locate Assets & More
Comprehensive Asset Package $295.00 NEW
• Address Summary Report
• All attachable assets
• Real Estate
• Rents, Receivables & Inventories
• Wages
• Bank & Financial Accounts
• Motor vehicles
• Trust/limited partnerships
• Source & Nature of Income


Bulk search discounts available upon request.

Fax charge $1.00 per page. We reserve the right to refuse any search request. Prices subject to change without notice. Disclaimer: Information provided by GIS is obtained from public and private sources and is not independently verified. GIS provides no express or implied warranty regarding accuracy or reliability of the information.

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