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I use G.I.S. for the personal service - you can tell that your request is being treated as an important matter, and the G.I.S. associate will tell you the most effective way for your end result. I'm in the business to get results for my clients in a timely, cost-effective manner. G.I.S. delivers!
  John R. Moore
Private Investigator
Homicide Detective
The Liberty Man
St. Louis, MO


In our business, finding someone can be the difference between making and losing a deal. G.I.S. has never let us down; they're the best in the business.
  Tim Crowley
Crowley Properties
Real Estate Investments
Sacramento, CA


For the past several years our firm has used G.I.S. and have been very pleased with the results of the searches performed. Their reports provided us with useful information in locating individuals, even though there were times we had little information we could provide to do the search.
  Cindy J. Lease CPS
Senior Paralegal
Bowers, Ross and Fawcett LLC
Ambridge, PA


  Valuable information is supplied from their reports, and the people are extremely nice and friendly and by far very helpful!
    Jim Bowman
Bowman Accident Reconstruction
Pascagoula, MS
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