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Individual Trace Services   -   Civil/Criminal-Judgements/Liens-Bankruptcy   -   Licenses-Property-Assets
SSN Social Security Number Trace - Multiple Database search using individuals Social Security Number. Returns current and previous addresses. $29.00
ADD Address Trace - Multiple Database search using individuals name and address. Returns reported address change or address verification. $39.00
DIT Death Index Trace - Database search of Social Security Administration death records using individuals name, Date of Birth, or Social Security Number. Returns date of death and location of death benefits. $29.00
IND Individual Name Trace - Database search of over 260 million individuals using last and first name, and middle initial if available. Nationwide or selected state searches available. Returns current and previous addresses along with available phone numbers. $29.00
DOB Date of Birth Trace - Database search of over 300 million records using individuals full name and Date of Birth or as little information as a first name and Date of Birth. Returns verification of Date of Birth.
* Expanded Services Available
Associates - Personal associates
Property - Personal Property Records
Neighbors - Local to Address
Relatives - Relatives (1 to 3 Degrees of seperation)
EMP Pre-Employment Screening - Multiple cost-effective packages depending upon the level of employment (SSN, Criminal History, Previous Employment Verification, Education Verification, and Credit Bureau) to insure your screeing program complies with FCRA, ADA, and EEOC guidelines. CALL
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JGM Judgments Trace - Judgments entered against litigants, witnesses, and judgment debtors. $39.00
LNS Liens Trace - Liens filed against litigants, witnesses, and lien debtors and others with individual state UCC databases. $39.00
BNK Bankruptcy Filing Trace - Nationwide business and consumer bankruptcy petitions, dismissals, and discharges under chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13. $39.00
CVL Filling Trace - State Civil Docket Indices, Federal Civil Docket Summaries, Occupational Safety and Health Inspection records. $39.00
CML Criminal Filing Trace - State Criminal Docket Filings $39.00
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PRO Professional Licensing Trace - Find a licensees name and address, license status, issuing board, license type, certification, and expiration dates for select US states. $29.00
DEA Drug Enforcement Agency Registrations Trace - Track over 100,000 registrants licensed to manufacture or distribute controlled substances. $29.00
FAA Pilots Directory - Find data from the Federal Aviation Adminnistration Airmen Directory. Records typically include the pilots name, address, number, certification class, medical class, and date of last medical exam. $29.00
MVR Motor Vehicle Registration Trace - Owner information for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and recreation vehicles from over 30 US states. $39.00
DRV Drivers License Trace - Drivers name and address, expiration date, license number and other pertinent data from over 30 US states. $39.00
PPT Personal Property Trace - Substantial shareholders within companies, Owner information for Aircraft, US Coast Guard and State Boat Registrations, Blue Book Valuations for motor vehicles, aircraft heavy trucks, marine craft, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles. $39.00
RPT Real Property Trace - Review Deed Transfers, Mortgage Records, and Tax Assessor Records. $39.00
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Bulk search discounts available upon request.

Fax charge $1.00 per page.
We reserve the right to refuse any search request.
Prices subject to change without notice.
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